CNTA Scholarships


· Priority is given to students with a parent/guardian who is a CNTA member. Students who are interested in the field of teaching are encouraged to apply, and all others are welcomed to apply
· Must be attending a 2 or 4 year college immediately following high school graduation (proof of enrollment must be presented in order to collect the scholarship award)
· Attend a CNUSD high school for the entire senior year (at least), and earn passing grades
· Demonstrate a financial need that is determined through application and interview
· Minimum 2.0 GPA

Application Requirements

· CNTA Scholarship Application (may be picked up in the College and Career Center and/or Counselling Office)
· List of school and community activities (categorized by grade level)
· List of honors or awards received in high school
· 2 Letters of Recommendation
· Personal Essay
· Copy of unofficial transcripts (pick up transcript from Counseling Office)

Selection Process

· A set number of students from each CNUSD high school will be selected for an interview with the CNTA Scholarship Committee (initial application reviews are done by campus committees)
· If selected for an interview, student will need to bring a copy of college acceptance letter(s), if available, as well as the SAR report (obtained after completing the FAFSA)
· CNTA Scholarship Committee will conduct interviews with the chosen candidates from each campus, and will subsequently determine scholarship allocations


· Allocation of awards will vary based on number of candidates, interview outcomes, and available funds
· At least one student from each CNUSD high school campus is guaranteed an award (so long as there is at least one applicant from each high school)