About Disability Insurance

What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance will cover you if you become ill or are injured. It is NOT Workman’s Compensation—that covers you for injuries or illnesses that occur because of your job. Disability insurance covers your income if you are out of work due to serious illnesses such a cancer, surgery for back problems, auto accidents, pregnancy—all of those things that can keep you from working after your sick days are gone. You must be unable to perform your contract work for any physical or mental reason. And, if you are not able to work—and you have used up all your sick days—you will not be getting a full paycheck at the end of the end of the month.

Why Do I Need Disability Insurance?

As teachers, we do not pay into the State Disability Insurance Fund. If we become seriously ill or injured, we must rely on our accumulated sick days and, once those are used up, on the difference between our pay and our substitute’s pay for the next 100 days. After that, we are on our own.

Why Is Disability Insurance Especially Important Now?

These are perilous financial times for all of us. Some of us are relying on two paychecks to meet our obligations. What happens if our non-teaching spouse looses his or her job or gets fewer hours? In that case, we have to tighten our belts even more, perhaps dig into savings or run up more debt. NOW what happens if one of us becomes seriously ill or injured? If your family is relying even more on your paycheck, it is even more necessary to keep that paycheck coming in.

I Have a Pre-existing Condition

If we achieve a specific number of NEW enrollees (about 150) NONE of them will be required to answer medical questions. That means, if you are pregnant, as long as the policy takes effect before you have the baby, your pregnancy—and your recovery time—is covered. If you are diabetic, you will be covered. If you have had or are currently fighting cancer, you will be covered. As long as you are a district employee and entitled to benefits, you will be accepted.

But I Have a Lot of Sick Days

If you have enough sick days to get you through a full teaching year, you probably don’t need disability insurance. How many teachers have that many? Many of our teachers are either fairly new to the profession (under the 18 years necessary at a minimum for 180 sick days) or they have children and have used sick days to care for those children.

What Is Standard Life and Disability Insurance?

Standard Insurance is endorsed by CTA—California Teachers Association. As such, it has been vetted by the benefits committees. The company has agreed to abide by the expectations of CTA. In addition, if there are complaints about the service, CTA will take the complaints to a committee comprised of other teachers. Standard will accept the decision of that committee as binding. Furthermore, Standard will pay in addition to workman’s compensation—the only company CNUSD offers that will do that.