Financial Assistance Plans for CNTA Members

If you find yourself in financial difficulties, contact First Financial Credit Union, a CTA endorsed organization. They may be able to offer you:

Summer Skips: Offered at the inception of a loan or added at a later time (with certain requirements.) Members are on a 10-month pay cycle and documentation from the member is required.

Loan Deferment: Payments may be deferred up to 2 or 3 months. No more than 2 deferments for the life of the loan.

Payment Modification: Payments may be reduced and/or term of loan extended to assist member during the financial situation.

Interest Only Plan: Payments are reduced to “interest only” for up to 6 months.

  • Loan deferment, payment modification and interest only plans require the member to complete a financial assistance package. FFCU will waive the normal $25.00 financial assistance processing fee if temporary financial difficulties were the result of mass deployment of a particular unified organization. (lay-offs)

DO NOT allow yourself to get in serious financial difficulties before contacting FFCU. It is easier to recover from financial problems if you start the process at an early stage.